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Steps to Avoid Unhygienic Factors in Vacuum Pouch Packing


Inception of Vacuum Technology in Packaging

Vacuum technology has been in application of pumps and motors and in recent days packaging industry appears to make use of this technology to provide better shelf live for products. A vacuum pouch is one of the interesting technologies which are found to be very supportive in packing processed food under hygienic conditions.

Materials used to Manufacture Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum bags are made of high resistant barrier materials such as PA/EVOH, etc The thickness of the pouch are increased or decreased as per the customization requests from various industries. This product is available in different sizes and offers protection and moisture resistant properties to the products.

What Food Industry has to Share about Vacuum Bag Sealing?

Food products packed in vacuum bags are exposed to restricted environment which has less or no oxygen at all. Vacuum bag sealing is a perfect option for air tight packaging with very less chances of bacterial interaction provided the packaging process is carried on safely. Food engineering suggests that handling and packaging processes of food have to be maintained under hygienic circumstances. 

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Regulations of Packaging in Vacuum Pouch for Packing Food Products

Food items that are processed under very low temperature to obtain extended shelf life are accountable to attract bacterial growth until the food is packed on the right time and consumed within the permissible time frame. This is the general restriction imposed on packaging aspect when it comes to using wrapping materials like vacuum bags.

Industries Benefits from Vacuum Packing

Food industry and pharmaceutical industry depend largely on vacuum pouch packing. Since, vacuum pouch packaging offers enhanced shelf life, exporting dry foods and processed meat is found to be carried out safely after packing them with this technology.

Unhygienic Factors Possibilities in Vacuum Pouch

Processed food items and dry fruits that are to be kept within the required temperature and the temperature that need to be maintained vary with respect to the kind of product. Failure to meet the temperature condition would attract multiplicity of bacterial growth even in spite of wrapping in vacuum bags.

Effects of Unhygienic Factors

Bacterial growth in packed food items usually are not visible unless it multiplies completely and emerge out in their form. Some food items on the other hand will not change in color or texture when there is less bacteria, hence; consumers should be cautious to judge the unhygienic factor through change in taste and flavor.

Steps to Avoid Unhygienic Factors

Vacuum bags are popularly known for oxygen free packing; hence, possibilities of bacterial growth are limited unless the packed food items are maintained in required temperature. Similarly, keeping the vacuum packed food products inside the fridge at coldest temperature will also help avoid unhygienic features to grow.

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Vacuum Pouch Manufacturers in India

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Vacuum pouches are meant to protect food products which can be kept free from oxygen and moisture. However, there are external factors that can contaminate the food products if they are not packed under hygienic circumstances.

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