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Bulk Bag Liner Designs and Liner Materials


Liner Material - For Stronger Packaging Solution

Liner materials are manufactured as per the custom requirement. It is meant for additional support for packaging materials that are especially in a bag shape or even a container. These liners are made from different raw materials which will be chosen based on the grade of usage such as liners for packing food materials and liners for chemicals and medicinal products, etc.

Bulk Liner in Different Dimensions

Bulk bag barrier liner materials are produced in different dimensions based on the shape of the packaging material. Find out more designs customized for the respective industries for example,

  • Cargo Packing -Fabric Liner in larger dimension is produced for cargo industry to apply as an additional protective feature. It is used as a complete liner for large sized containers. It is made up of aluminium fabric which contains thermal and moisture insulation features. This kind of liner is highly applied to containers or smaller size packaging options which are used to pack materials like sugar, chemicals, flour, salt, etc.
  • Packing Liquid and Semi Liquids-A liner made from multiple layers of PA/EVOH films is a suitable solution for packing semi solid and liquid products. These type of liners are known for protection for the product as they cover the products against different types of contamination aspects like oxygen, chemicals, moisture, etc

  • Liners for Big Bags-Liners designed for big bags are applied in wide range of industrial packaging. Pharmaceutical companies benefit a lot with these types of liners as there is flexibility in creating different shapes like bottle shape, liner with open top and liners with spout top, etc These types of liners are compatible for printing brand and product details and they are highly resistant to heat, moisture, oxygen and flame.
  • Bag-in-box liner-This is an absolutely customized products that is produced from food grade materials. It is highly applied to pack consumable products like tea, coffee, wheat, rice, flour, dried fruits and nuts, etc. Compared to packing with aluminium foil lining this high barrier liners for bag-in-box is cost effective, remains an efficient choice for packing. It is also puncture resistant and protects products during transit damages and remains a perfect hygienic packaging option for consumable products.
  • Lines made from Poly Films and Nine-layer Co-extrusion materials-Protects materials from natural contaminations like moisture and oxygen and other external factors like chemicals.

Bag Liner Manufacturers in India

Vishaka Polyfab manufactures and supplies bulk bag barrier liners made from high barrier flexible films. Our liner products have several package friendly properties which also remain supportive for the products during transit. We choose high barrier flexible films for making customized liners and these liner materials are moisture resistant, less reactive to chemicals and remain static even during adverse transit conditions.


Liners are made from different fabrics and barrier film materials and each type of liner is applied in terms of the moisture and heat resistant property it contains. In addition, line materials stay very efficient and reliable during transit.

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