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Bulk Handling Solutions for Moisture Sensitive Products


Most manufactured products inevitably need protection from atmospheric influences no matter how inert they are. This is because the composition of atmosphere has various elements, which will always react to a certain extent with most physical elements. Moisture sensitive products are those that are affected by the presence of humidity and oxygen in the atmosphere. Bag liners protect products from this atmospheric contamination.

Chemical Properties Causing Oxygen and Water Sensitivity

Hygroscopy is one of the properties of elements and molecules that causes water and oxygen sensitivity. It is the characteristic of a substance to draw and hold on to water molecules from the atmosphere. It is important to note that once the substance attracts moisture, it becomes chemically altered. Substances exhibiting this quality include ethanol, sugars, glycerol, salts, chlorides, potassium and sodium hydroxides. Presence of the smallest ration of these substances in the product causes Hygroscopy and must be avoided. Bulk bags liner are special types of bags available in varying sizes used to protect products from moisture contamination during transportation.

Creation of Oxygen and Moisture Barriers in Products Handling

This is done through various means but the most common one is the use of liners. Introducing liners inside the package ensures that the product is excluded from the atmosphere. Caution must be taken on the characteristics of the material used especially when considering the duration or the shelf life of the product .The effect of regular temperature changes during transportation and storage must also be considered while choosing an appropriate protective material.

Strength and Firmness Properties That Ensure Greater Protection

The ability of a material to withstand pressure, temperature fluctuations and even mechanical stresses greatly contributes to the firmness and protection from environmental influences. Development of cracks and micro pores are some of the weaknesses that can go undetected and lead to damage of the products. Thorough analysis of available materials must be done as per the protection requirements for material firmness.

Chemical Composition of Protecting Material

The chemical composition of the liners largely depends on the product characteristics such as Hygroscopy or dust producing properties. Polythene liners or EVOH liners are commonly used and the actual polymers combined depend on the manufacturer.

Commonly Available Dimensions

The average or the typical height of the bulk bag ranges from 30 up to 70 inches and base seam dimensions of 35 * 41 inches. The particular dimensions are however nothing to worry about so much because custom-made bags are available. However, when there is an element of staking or the bag being self-supporting, the base size should be as large as possible due to stability of the flexible packaging material.

Recommended waste management practice after use handling

Recycling of used material is the best waste management system. In case the material is not recyclable, incineration can be done to avoid littering and environmental degradation. It is important to consult with individual states regulations for clear direction on best disposal practice.


Moisture and oxygen contamination are a serious concern or most products. To prevent contamination from occurring, bulk bag liners have been developed to create effective barriers, isolating the product from the atmospheric elements. The strength and permeability of the material are important considerations and permeability tests can be done before using the material.

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