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Evoh barrier film is a renowned barrier material in the word today. It features with significant benefit in providing amazing protection of any gases, aroma, environment, safety, organic solvent and the quality of packed goods. There widely used in food packaging, cosmetics, drug packing among many others.

Evoh barrier film provides a guarantee quality and a barrier thermoplastic oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide barrier in modern word today. Evoh adds a realistic importance in packing industries as it ensures oxygen is removed out and locks any flavor and atmosphere from entering. Evoh barrier film is highly efficient to oxygen gas barrier compared to others material such plastic and polyvinylidene chloride PVDC. Evoh keeps the moisture barrier up to 80% that make it better than others. It is best than other material as it completely keep the air out, weather resistance recyclable and flexible.

The Envoh barrier films create a high demand of protecting the packed goods from gases, moisture and outside weather effect. The Envoh is most effective barrier of reducing the manufacturer cost of production and durability of goods in shelf life. Further more information about Evoh Barrier Film, visit -



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