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Special Features added in Bottom Web and Horizontal Form Film


Different Kinds of Packaging Films for Different Industries

The inception of flexible packaging films has lead to creation of unique packaging materials like thermoform films, barrier films, film lines, and many more. Food products, pharmaceutical and consumer products need special attention in packaging therefore packaging materials are produced with specific properties that remain protective and compatible with the products.

Packaging Film Manufacturing for Multiple Industries

Packaging film manufacturing industries focus on making wide range of wrapping materials including customized materials suitable for covering food products, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and many different types of industrial materials. In addition, packaging films are also manufactured in accordance with transport circumstances, compatibility of the packaging material with product, resistance to moisture and heat, etc.

Bottom Web Packaging Film

Bottom web film is a kind of thermoforming film matching extensive range of products. Pharmaceutical industry benefits a lot for wrapping requirements with bottom web film. Bottom web film has many useful features which stays the main reason for its versatility.

Unique Properties of Bottom Web Film

There are some special features in bottom web packaging material for which it remains beneficial to different industries. This material can be applied for weld sealed, peel sealed, for to web as well as bottom web. It stays compatible to wrap products that have moisture content and dry products. Bottom web material has good sealant property.

Latest technology in Wrapping Film Production

Considering the recent requirements of product safety improved version of bottom web film that shows enhanced moisture resistant and gas barrier properties. Such versions have been found to be very adaptable for pharmaceutical companies. This material also found to get more strength and offer ultimate protection for medical products when kept at freezing temperature.

Horizontal Form Film

It is an exclusive wrapping material applied for medical sector. Form films are used to produce pouches which can be sealed. Horizontal form films are designed with best sealing properties and it is applied by sliding the material on a horizontal plane. This material has multiple advantages in terms of its features and profitable aspects.

Production Features of Horizontal Form Films

The equipment designed to produce form film is a suitable device for trying out different sealant options. Manufacturing both bottom web and horizontal form material is a quick process and it is even possible to make custom designs in form film varieties to match the particular requirements of industries.

Application Benefits of Form films

Horizontal form material is a reliable and inexpensive and perfect sealing option for pharmaceutical products. Different types of medical devices can be sealed with this material and it is therefore comparatively less expensive than other kinds of packaging material.

Form Film Manufacturer in India

Among the highest competence existing for packaging film production, Vishakha Polyfab offers extensive variety of packaging films materials at cost effective price. We produce customized designed of horizontal and bottom web form films compatible for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.


Form films are considered best for sealing products. Bottom web and horizontal form varieties are designed specifically for pharmaceutical industry as they provide perfect sealing option for both dry and wet product.

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