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How Packaging Materials are Manufactured in Innovative Method and how they Suit Different Industrial Needs?


Packaging Materials for Different Industrial Needs

  • Packaging Materials are chosen differently for different industrial usages.
  • Food industry stays the major client for flexible packaging film manufacturers and then comes the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Flexible Films for Different Packaging Needs

  • Starting from processed food to beverages, milk products, meat varieties and fresh vegetables, etc food products have to be packed with heat and moisture resistant material.
  •  Vishaka Polyfab offers unbelievable variety of packaging films suitable for food and other industries.

Steps taken by the Manufacturer to Customize Packaging Materials

  • A barrier film or bulk bag liner or flexible packaging thermo film, every industry can find suitable range of packaging films from Vishaka Polyfab.
  • Their PA/EVOH based barrier liner have excellent puncture resistant property thus damages caused out of rough handling can be reduced considerably with barrier liners.



In what ways Vishaka Polyfab sticks to the latest Industrial Requisites

  • The 5, 7 and 9 layer barrier films are the recent production of Vishaka Polyfab.
  • Co-extruder lamination films and thermal lamination films are some of the sealing products produced here.

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Flexible packaging films are available in different textures and customized packaging films are manufactured by leading companies like Vishaka Polyfab. Hence, approaching Vishaka Polyfab is the right place to get the right kind of packaging material.

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