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Manufacturing Capabilities


Vishakha Polyfab holds the distinction of being the most technologically advanced manufacturers of barrier films in India. It manufactures high quality plastic films with the help of its state-of-the-art facility that is fully loaded with automatic systems for extrusion, multicolour printing, slitting, pouch/ bulk bag making and more.

What sets Vishakha Polyfab apart from the others is the unique proprietary co-extrusion processes and custom resin blends. This core competency is achieved by the polymer and food chemistry expertise that the company possesses. The exceptional manufacturing capabilities also enable the company to offer custom design materials based on customer's special needs.


Blown Co-Ex film 9, 7, 5 High barrier co-ex film plant from world's leading blown film manufacturing company From BRAMPTON ENGINEER - Canada & 3 layer C0-extruded film

Film thickness : 30 mic - 300 mic
Web width : Barrier film up to 2200 MM & 3 layer up to 1800 mm
Production Capacity : 13,500 MT- per annum (and growing)
Printing : 9,8,7 color Roto Gravure with auto registration & web-video control systems, addition of latest high speed 9 color new generation advance technology of gear less machine
No. of color : up to 9 color
Print web width : Up to 1350 mm
Pouch/ bag making : High-capacity converting machines produce vacuum bags in different shapes and sizes

Vacuum Pouches | Gas Flushing Pouches | Barrier pouches | Three-side & two-side seal pouch | Tubular Bottom Seal Pouch | Big bulk Bags & inner liners | Gusseted bags | Microwavable pouches | Boilable & cooking-friendly pouches | High Puncture Resistance pouches | Zipper & Stand-up available Custom-made bags with printed (up to 9 colors) & non-printed natural /colored /tinted options as well.