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Pack Agrochemicals and other Bottled Products Using High Quality Barrier Films


Important quality characteristics of Evoh

Ever since this substance was developed, the packaging process was greatly improved due to its excellent sealing qualities.

These sheets, when used to pack food and bottled products stop the passage of air and oxygen which reduce contamination from bacterial and spoiling.

Applications requiring high sealing capacity have layers that reduce cracking when folded. These stop the material from breaking when folded. Stresses imposed by transporting, wrapping and handling products do not break the layer.

Since the materials are an air tight foil; entry of aroma, bad and other industrial smells into the protected products is limited. In addition, goods with aroma and other pleasant smells are preserved inside.

These foils not only limit gases entry but also liquids. They prevent evaporation of oils, hydrocarbons and other organic solvents.

Latest cutting edge technology

Vacuum bags are made of high resistant barrier materials such as PA/EVOH, etc The thickness of the pouch are increased or decreased as per the customization requests from various industries. This product is available in different sizes and offers protection and moisture resistant properties to the products.

What Food Industry has to Share about Vacuum Bag Sealing?

Currently, most of these strips are developed using modern technology to improve their sealing and shielding properties.

They are formulated using specialized extrusion equipments that use blown foil technology which allow the production of flat and very strong strips.

Most strips are also manufactured from sophisticated materials such as Evoh (Ethyl vinyl alcohol copolymer), nylon, polyolefins, polypropylene and plastomers.

types of vacuum bag

Achieving specially designed rolls using co extruded films

Currently, multilayered seals are preferred in medical, food and chemical packaging. The technology entails using two or more coating of thin strips to improve the properties of the foils.

By using one coating as an anti leak and an anchor coating with high strength; the resulting barrier is able to withstand fracture and tear as well as provide excellent sealing ability.

Special barriers used in medical wrapping have deposits of anti microbial layer added to the barrier material. This prevents entry of bacterial and other microorganisms and ensures aseptic wrapping is achieved.

Cast grade sheets manufactured by deep draw molding are used for high strength applications in food and industrial packaging.

Bottling agrochemicals using Evoh laced bottles

Agrochemicals and pesticides must be packaged well to prevent entry of air, microbes, water and other harmful items. The covering materials must also not be attacked by the product inside the bottle.

Bottles are therefore laced with a shielding sheet to prevent leakages and corrosion of the chemicals. This creates a leak-proof and anticorrosion coating.

Anti corrosion properties of these materials

Ordinary protective strips made from organic films are corroded by industrial and agrochemicals. To prevent this, the internal layer of the shield is made using aluminum, zinc and alloys to prevent corrosion.

Metalized grade foils have shielding coating and a thin foil of aluminum added to increase strength and prevent anti-corrosion. These films are widely used to pack foods, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.

Economics of Evoh barrier films as compared to other materials

Evoh barrier films have special characteristics which reduce wrapping costs. A one millimeter Evoh is equivalent to ten meters of LPDE (low density polyethylene). High strength also allows for high speed packaging and reduces cost.

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