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Team, Training & Development of Vishakha Polyfab, a Manufacturer of Plastic High Barrier Flexible Packaging Material.

Talent and determination

At the heart of Vishakha’s identity reside the treasured employees who carve out the best of our corporate vision. Ours is a consortium of highly skilled and proficient professionals with burgeoning creativity and the zest to stand out in their respective work areas. Our operations, which are spread across the globe, are led by dedicated teams of skilled, efficient and qualified human resource.

At Vishakha Polyfab, a meticulous and streamlined recruitment process is followed to ensure that only the best talent enters the company. And once recruited, every member is ensured a strong support system for training and development programmes at different levels of the organisational hierarchy.

Teamwork at its best

Team-work and collective union of individual strengths form the hallmark of our Human Resource policy that appreciates and encourages leadership & self-actualisation. Every member plays an integral part irrespective of his/her position in the organisation. Each success of ours is a collective effort and the rewards trickle down till the grass root level.

A series of orientation programmes is adapted to make new employees feel a part of the team. What adds to it is a very flexible and dynamic organisation structure which helps manage the work with ease.

Training & Development

At Vishakha Polyfab, we follow an HR Policy that enables every individual to realise his or her true potential. Immense stress is laid on training and development of employees for the company’s, as well as their, brighter future.

We believe the most important investment is that on human resource. Hence employee motivation also plays a major role in the company. Quality assurance, emphasis on productivity and safety at work are the three basic tenets on which our system functions. A 360 degrees performance evaluation system helps us in dealing with the problems, if any, correcting errors and streamlining the core areas of our employees’ expertise.

Zeal to innovate and the attitude to give the competition a run for their money is what sets us apart in the industry and helps us enjoy the position of an indisputable leader.


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