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Product Safety with Barrier Film Vs Other Packaging Films


Protection Requisites for Products inside Packaging Material

Packaging is one of the main source that protects the products from climatic and transportation damages. Earlier, packaging films were not found to be flexible like today and when it comes to food industry, there were many challenges faced by the industry to maintain the freshness of food products. Failure to apply suitable wrapping source resulted in wastage of the products. With the advent of barrier films, many such issues related to safety of the products have been replaced quite challengingly. Flexible films are considered to be the best alternative of traditional packaging films for the best protective properties they have.

Functionality and Ease of Packing with Barrier Films

Barrier films are flexible to be transformed into multilayered wrapping materials as well as used for vacuum packing. Vacuum pouch made from barrier packaging material is applied over different packaging demands. Its flexibility offers the ease of producing vacuum bags of different size and dimension with respect to the industrial requirement. In addition to that the advantages of packaging with barrier materials are found to be many other than its resistance properties. For example, barrier films are.

  • Strong and contains excellent capacity of grip to hold the product without slipping down.
  • Suits for perfect sealing options.
  • Compatible for printing designs.
  • Suitable for storage requisites.

Conventional Packaging Technology Using Polyester Films

Conventional packaging technology involved application of polyester films which were found to be less reliable and food industry faced challenging issues with polyester packaging films. In addition, polyester films do not contain reliable resistance property like barrier films. Hence, barrier materials are found to be the best alternative for packaging in food and pharmaceutical industry.

Better Shelf Life with Barrier Films

Food industry prefer for packaging ingredients which offers better shelf life. Certain products are very sensitive to atmospheric influences such as heat, moisture, etc. If the packaging material cannot withstand heat or moisture or any sort of atmospheric influence the shelf life cannot be guaranteed. Barrier film is the perfect solution for food industry wherein, the film contains high resistance property to protect the product from different sorts of environmental influences.  

Multilayered Barrier Films and Advantages

High quality materials like EVOH co-extruder, PA/PE are made with 5, 7 and 9 layered barrier films. It is regarded as the supreme packaging solution.  Multilayered barrier films are found to be ideal to keep up the freshness and nutritional values of the food products. Freshly prepared sweets, milk products, etc that is produced for export requirements stay perfect and fresh when packed with multilayered barrier films. In addition, high barrier films offer moisture and heat resistance properties that help the products to remain fresh and bear the same aroma. These multilayered barrier packaging materials act as good protective source for food industry and maintain the shelf life for relatively longer time.


For product safety and shelf life barrier materials stay the ultimate option. Food and chemical industry deserves application of barrier films than traditional films.

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