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Product Applications


Owing to their technological edge and high score in terms of utility, the Vishakha products are preferred for a large number of applications ranging across varied industries. These Flexible Packaging systems are suited not only for food applications, but also for non-food industrial applications. At the same time, they are ideal for liquid, semi-liquid as well as dry form of products too.

Flexible Packaging for Food Products, Flexible Packaging for Industrial, Bulk and Consumer Products.


Tailor made Vishakha Polyfab’s packaging products are ideal for:

Food Products

Edible Oil & Ghee
Milk, UHT Milk, Cheese & Dairy products
Meat, Poultry, Fish, Sea food & Marine products
Processed foods & Snacks
Frozen, Hot & Ready-to-eat foods
Dry Food, Fruits & Nuts
Tea, Coffee & Aromatic products
Bakery, Confection & cereals 
Pickles, pulp & puree
Industrial Agro products
(Like Grains, Flour, Spices, Pulses Rice, sesame seeds, Soybeans & Much more )

Non-food products - Industrial Bulk & Consumer Products

Metal components (Ball Bearing, automotive parts)
Welding rods
Animal Food (PET, CAT, FISH & MUCH MORE) 
Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical & Hygiene products
Electronic Components
Adhesive packing
Chemicals & Minerals
Feeds & Seeds
Compound Packing
Special powder packing
Hygroscopic Products
Currency packing
Vacuum Bagging Film
Stretch Film

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