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Improving Adhesion and Stiffness to Tackle Customization in the Making of Barrier Films


Possible Number of Layers Provided in Barrier Films

Barrier films are produced in 3, 5 7 and 9 layer forms. And the films variety is selected to pack different materials like liquid, semi liquid, food products, consumer products, etc. The co-extrusion technology that is applied in the manufacturing of barrier films helps to get strong films which can stay a protective feature against oxygen, moisture and bacterial growth as well.

Usability of Barrier material with respect to thickness in layers

Barrier and high barrier films are found to be possess heat and moisture resistance properties. The thickness of barrier films is increased in terms of adding layers and the usability can be obtained in accordance with the packaging requirement and product compatibility.

Enhancing Adhesion and Stiffness

The number of layers is increased by the manufacturer in terms of 5, 7, and layer barrier films. The increase in union of layers consequently will enhance the thickness of the films. Co-extrusion is the perfect technology followed by blown film manufacturers to bring out possible thickness in blown films.

9 –Layer High Barrier film-The most advanced of all

9 layer co-extruded films is thick as well as easy to apply for packaging. The kind of ingredients that are applied in the film production such as nylon, EVOH, Pet, Mtallocene, PP and PE and other types of polymers offer the resistance property to the films. Hence, it is considered the most advanced of all.

Different types of Customization Requests Available for Barrier Films

Barrier films production differs as per the customization request that come from industries. Manufacturers on the other hand are able to capture suitability of layers in accordance with the type of products that need to be packed.

Barrier Film

Food Industry and Barrier Films

When it comes to barrier films, food industry depends largely on high resistant materials. This is due to the fact that food products need to be protected well until it is consumed and to tackle damages and leakage during transit. As far as customized barrier film production is concerned, food industry requires high barrier films with different layers option for different food varieties.

More Stiffness for Processed Food Items

Processed food items like meat, fish, milk products, etc have to be preserved under low temperature. The stiffness of wrapping material remains an important feature to protect the processed food product from attracting bacterial growth.

9 Layer EVOH Barrier Films

Vishakha Polyfab –Pioneer in Flexible Packaging Films

Vishakha Polyfab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging film material. Our packaging film products range from 3,5,7 and 9 layer EVOH barrier films. We are the leading high barrier flexible film manufacturers in India offering quality packaging materials to different industries worldwide.

Why buy from us?

Flexible films and high barrier films manufactured by us are known for its quality, reliability, pricing and variety. We take up customized requests from clients all over the world and sustain with our promise for high quality packaging material produced under hygienic condition.


Barrier films are known for high resistance and durable properties. Vishakha Polyfab is one of the renowned companies that offer flexible films of wide varieties to several industries. 

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