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Three Side Seal Pouches with Tear Notch Marked Film Functionality


Packaging is very important in the food processing and packaging industry. Some of the benefits of product packaging include:

  • Protection from spillages or containment of the product.

  • Protection from contamination by the external elements such as dust, micro organisms, and chemicals.

  •  Packaging enables subdivision of the product thus allowing sale in smaller quantities.

  • Prevents degradation of products which is otherwise accelerated in the open air.

  • Makes the handling and batching processes easier.

There are different methods of packaging and the method used depends on various factors such as nature of the product, availability of packaging material, and cost of the material to be used and even the legal and regulatory framework. Packaging material used in food products must be carefully selected since they impact on the health of the consumers. Plastic packaging is usually more recommended due to its relatively inert nature hence the food products are safe. To get more information about plastic packaging products, kindly visit -

Three Side Seal Pouch with Tear Notch Marked Film

Three side seal pouches is a packaging method for food products using plastic /stiff polythene molded with three sides of equal dimension sealed together to form a pouch while the forth side left open. when product is packed in, the last side is sealed with serrations for easier opening .Some of the products that can be used with this kind of packaging include processed meat, frozen foods and even some types of bread. The benefits of three side seal pouches include:

  • Ability to have a wide range of dimensions for various sizes or weights of the product. This allows for a wide range of applications and quantities of product that can be handled. The sizes can go up to 25 kilograms of product.

  • Ability to withstand large temperature fluctuations hence can be used to carry frozen products. Most packaging materials have limits or hinder the effective cooling of products due to their structure. Seal pouches allow good heat exchange and efficient cooling.

  • They can be installed with a zipper for maximum protection of the foods.

  • There are equipments for assembling these pouches and the manufacturer can assemble them as demand for the product arises.

  • Enhancing product shelf life or longevity after processing is possible with the 3 side seal pouches. The fact that these pouches are air tight prevents contamination of the products resulting from contact with air.

  • Labeling and branding can be done on the packaging material therefore enabling promotion of the product being packaged.

  • Flexibility or the non rigid nature of the packaging material allows for flexible handling meaning small packages can be batched into units for transportation.


Packaging is very important in industry due to the advantages it offers such as product containment, improving of the shelf life of food products, enabling, sterilization and flexible handling of products. Three side seal pouches offer extensive benefits especially keeping the foods air tight. They can also be labeled for products branding and promotion.

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