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PA/EVOH Based High Barrier Film.
Customized Bag Liners.

Bulk Bags Liner


Specific customised liner bags for bulk packaging from Vishakha

VBulk Bags Liner offers wide range 9, 7, 5 layers PA/EVOH based high barrier film offers customised bag liners for bulk packaging. These are made to provide high-strength and are suitable for dry or liquid bulk packaging for big bins liners, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), container liner, drum liner, etc. With solutions from poly films to nine-layer co-extrusions, packaged material is protected from a range of contaminants such as dust, moisture, oxygen and/or chemicals.Vishakha also holds the expertise to provide customized solutions with varied option in terms of Large Gusseted capabilities, specialty formulations and sizes.

Food or Non-food product

  • Abrasives products
  • Biohazard bags
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chemical collection & transport bags
  • Compounds packing
  • Drum or box liners
  • Dust covers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Powdered products
  • Resin liners
  • Metal products
  • Oil packaging
  • Bulk process food liners
  • Bulk Agri-food transport
  • Bag-in-box liner
    (E.g. tea, coffee beans, soya beans, pulses, rice, wheat, dried nuts & fruits)

Features and Benefits

  • Saves costs to a huge extent in comparison to traditional aluminium-based foil packing. It eliminates the need for lamination and gives great strength and barrier properties on its own
  • Disposal costs are reduced to a great extent because re-use is possible
  • Possibility of fast, economic re-fitting
  • Is perfectly suitable for use with in-house mixing operations
  • Proves to be great and gives more strength that needed to protect goods against handling for hygiene during transport and presentation
  • Commendable mechanical properties and high puncture-resistance
  • The gas and moisture barrier properties are extremely strong
  • Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased the self life-custom design for specific application
  • Possesses great aroma retention power & has good resistant to flex-crack
  • Provides high resistance to oil and solvent as well as gives high chemical barrier
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