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Why Packaging is Important for Product Positioning?


Product Positioning-Packaging Strategy

Product positioning can be regarded in two aspects, firstly from marketing point of view and secondly, from merchandize assurance. Packaging on the other hand plays a promising role in highlighting positioning strategy through multiple phases.

Protection from Environmental Influence

Safe delivery of goods is the key to reach customer satisfaction. When it comes to safety or protection, there are many factors which can affect the quality of merchandize such as leakage, environmental aspects, moisture, heat, damages caused during transit, etc. Selection of comprehensive material is the right strategy to avoid such issues. The advent of high barrier films and vacuum pouches and shrink wrap materials has reduced the impact of external influences on goods.

Safeguarding During Transit

Transit damage is one most common form of hurdles in material delivery. However, selection of suitable wrapping source can be applied to eradicate transit problems. Inner bulk liners, gas flush, non-vacuum and modified atmosphere covering pouches are some of the casing materials which can support in this regard.

Easy Categorization

Apart from protective aspects, next follows the need for easy categorization in wrapping. Administering different forms of goods with compatible form of wrapping source helps for easy sorting out. This way of stuffing also helps for business growth as consumers would be able to identify merchandize. They should feel the ease of spotting out.

Flexibility and Convenience in Handling and Distribution

Choosing a 9 or 7 or 5 layered PA/EVOH high barrier film or 3 barrier co-extruder material are some of the recent forms of components applied for effective casing. This technology works out very well to manage complete requirements of sorting out, handling and distribution. These materials are comparatively stronger than usual packs and they are compatible as well.

More Scope for Customization

Wrapping materials like barrier films which help for perfect positioning are flexible and strong in nature. The contain moisture barrier properties and help to sustain the original flavor and shelf life of the goods that may be kept in storage for quite some period. Yet, it is transparent and allows reaching customized solutions for positioning.

Marketing Advantages-Brand Identity

When it comes to marketing or business benefits, barrier and flexible packaging materials are in a way supportive for building strong brand image, help the consumer to identify particular brand and manufactured goods, increases competence strength and obviously pave way to increase sales.

Differentiate from Competitive Brands

As far as profit aspects are concerned, implementation of precise covering sources helps to attain consistency in consumer loyalty and encourage users for habitual purchases. This will further raise the brand value amidst competence.

Provides Opportunity to Obtain Unique Selling Point

The quality of merchandize need to be highlighted using strategic methods because, in today’s scenario coping with commercial competence requires innovation. Vishakha Polyfab is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging films that provide extensive patterns of barrier films and wrapping components to help business meet competitive trends in precise product positioning.


Product positioning is important for maintaining the quality and marketing aspects. The inception of flexible and barrier films is a great source for industries to enhance their brand identity and quality of material they deliver.

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