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Food Packaging Film, Flexible Packaging Films for Food Products.

Food Packaging Film


With you, all day

You use so many products in a day, right from the toothpaste you use first thing in the morning to the mint you may pop in after dinner. And chances are that majority of these products, both food and non-food, are wrapped in one of Vishakha’s varied packaging solutions. With an extensive range of packaging for products, Vishakha Polyfab is right there with you, all day long!

Be it dry food, fresh food, processed food, frozen food, liquid food or a non-food item, Vishakha Polyfab has a packaging solution to store it for longer, and keep it fresh for longer.

Start the day with Vishakha

  • Toothpaste when you wake up
  • Breakfast Juice, Milk, Cheese, Cereals, Tea, Coffee Powder, Bread, Dairy products, Dried Snacks

Take a break with Vishakha

  • When you munch an energy bar or sip an energy drink, tea coffee
  • Lunch with oil & ghee for food preparation, instant soup, cheese, pasta, pulses, spices, frozen vegetables
  • Refreshments like microwaveable popcorn, dry snacks, olive/tomato snacks

End the day on a brighter note with Vishakha

Dinner & Dessert - instant soups, herbs & spices, cooking edible oil & ghee, poultry products & meat, seafood, frozen fruits & vegetables, sauce, pasta, dry cake mix, liquid chocolate sauce, and more
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